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How many layers?

You might already know that generally speaking reborn dolls are painted with either Genesis Heat Set Paint (in short GHSP) or Air Dry paint. Both techniques require artists to paint many layers upon layers on vinyl kits in order to achieve realistic skin tones. People often ask which specific paint colours to be used, in what order and if there is a systematic method one can follow to paint reborns. My answer would be not really. Kits come in different vinyl colours such as peachy orange, grayish pink/orange, pink, some are more closer to natural skin tones than others. What colours you use depends on the vinyl colour. Certain colours might work on a particular kit, but wouldn't work on others. It's not one fits all. For me, every doll is created uniquely just as if you would paint a picture on a canvas.

So how many layers does it actually take to complete a doll? I don't count how many layers I paint, but it usually take weeks until I finally start to see the end. The picture below is my Charlotte (WIP) which I've been working on for a while now. I'd say she is about 70% done with painting at this point. It is a long process but it's also truly fun seeing vinyl kits come to life!

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